KoLCon 2004
Adventurers Are We!


I'm waiting for other peoples' pictures (because I am down with OPP) of Thursday night, when Pi and Nietz arrived and we met Mr Skullhead and Jezerfly for (shudder) karaoke.

On Friday night, we all got together for some fine Dinning at a Japanese restaurant. The Turkey of the Jungle commanded it.
LiquidPanel, Forsythe, and Skipperic quiver in anticipation of the meal.
Pimonkey, TheBub, and Phoenix didn't start quivering until afterwards.
After dinner (dinnner?) we came back to my house.
Where Elisie and Iva_Bighahnker chatted with DiscoBanjo,
while their daughter (who draws a mean Cthulhu) played video games.

After his arrival the next day, Giboc works on his essay (by which I mean "plays Puzzle Bobble") while I napz0r.
My fridge looked like a Snoop Dogg video (albeit one with slightly more soda than the average Snoop Dogg video) was about to be filmed there. There's so much drama in the LBC.
Galen, Mr. Skullhead and I noticed something interesting, off to the left, but I forget what it was.
Oh yeah, it was Pimonkey, taking a semi-conscious siesta under the coffee table.
This made Mr. Skullhead angry, so he and TheBub got into a fistfight. Jezerfly was awarded to the winner.

Sunday, the Aftermath

Highlights from the whiteboards scattered throughout my house: